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Support and Maintenance

Maintenance of a software or web application is something which can be termed as fixing the bugs or adding some new features in the software and web applications. Maintenance term has a very diverse meaning conferring to the technical facets. If we have software or any web application and we famine to have some new stuff to integrate in it or we are facing some issues in handling them all these tasks will come under the maintenance process. Every company has the diverse criteria regarding the maintenance and support for the clients and that will be very critical for the clients. Maintenance is categories in 4 aspects:

  • Adaptive – modifying the system to cope with changes in the software environment.
  • Perfection – implementing new or changed user requirements which concern functional enhancements to the software.
  • Corrective – diagnosing and fixing errors, possibly ones found by users.
  • Preventive – increasing software maintainability or reliability to prevent problems in the future.

All these terms will be used to define the maintenance process of a company. Rupeshsoft offer the optimum support in maintenance for their clients and will provide the free maintenance and support for their developed software and web application for 3 months. If you are fronting any of the issues in the application our team will assist you and will do the demanding. Our YMC is also very favorable to the clients. (YMC) means Yearly Maintenance Cost it is the cost that is taking from the clients who desires our support on their software and web application for long time. Software and web applications need updates according to the market. Some new features will be updated and we want them to be added in our applications or we will get to change some programming concepts regarding the outputs which we get to know after some times our team will aid you in every phase if you are the YMC customer of our company. We provide every solution of the client necessity and our team has the influence of providing every possible solution required.

Our support team is available 24*7 for our clients and will give solutions online also that will benefit you in getting the solutions without any interruption. Our support team is very good in dealing with the customers and will handle the customers in a finest way. Our YMC program contains bags of doles that other companies will not provide to the customers and that support you to choosing our package then other in the market.

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